Companion App

Send posts directly to your slideshow

The Slidesome Companion App gives your users the ability to send posts directly to your slideshow!

The Companion App is ideal for private events where you want to capture as many memories as possible without having to post them to social media.

How does it work?

First get the Slidesome companion app on your phone or tablet device from the App Store or Google Play, then enter your slideshow key or scan the QR code, sign in if it’s required and start posting!

The companion app is not required, you can also use the Direct Upload website to send posts directly to your slideshow.

You can check the Pricing page to see how many direct uploads are allowed. The free Basic plan allows up to 10 direct uploads to try everything out.

Where is the media stored?

The Slidesome app uploads the media directly to Slidesome, Google Photos album or Google Drive folder that the slideshow owner has selected.

You own all the posts that are directly uploaded, since they are uploaded to Slidesome, Google Drive or Google Photos.

Companion App

Your feedback is always welcome, please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the Slidsome Companion App.

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