New Features For 2020!

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January 06, 2020 • 1 min read

We're thrilled to announce our latest features which include support for LinkedIn and RSS feeds as well as relative time filter for feeds. We also added support for right to left languages on Twitter, new information post frequency, notifications for payments and of course plenty of fixes and tweaks!

LinkedIn feed

This has been frequently requested by our customers and we’re happy to announce that we now support LinkedIn feed from your LinkedIn company pages, so you can now display posts from your LinkedIn company page in your slideshow.

RSS feed

You can now add RSS feed to your slideshow. We support both RSS and Atom feeds. Most WordPress websites have RSS feeds enabled by default, so you can now easily display your WordPress blog posts or your favourite news website in Slidesome!

Relative time filter for feeds

We now support relative time filter for feeds, which means that you can now exclude all posts that are older than X days, hours or minutes. This feature is useful if you don’t want to display or fetch older posts, and can also make the update time for your feeds faster.

Right to left languages (RTL)

We have added basic support for right to left languages (RTL). If tweets have been marked as Arabic or Hebrew, then we display those tweets correctly in Slidesome. We plan to expand more on this feature and we would love to get feedback on what more could be added.

New information post frequency

You can now display the information post every X minutes instead of every X posts.

Purchase notifications

You will now receive email for every purchase made, with a link to your invoice. You can unsubscribe from purchase notifications on the Notifications page

Visit Slidesome today to check out all these latest features!