Themes and designer upgrade

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October 16, 2019 • 1 min read

We are very excited to announce our latest Slidesome update which includes a massive upgrade to the slideshow designer. It includes themes, fonts and lots of other great additions that will hopefully make your slideshow experience even more enjoyable!

So without further ado, here is a list of the latest updates:

  • Themes: Themes are presets that give you a full design for your slideshow, but they can also give you ideas and inspiration for your own personal design. You can now choose from 10 themes and we will continue adding more to give you even more variety and ideas.
  • Fonts: We have added more than 25 fonts of various types. You can choose a font for the slideshow header, information post and posts. We recommend the Creepster font for you Halloween slideshows!
  • Patterns: We have added a new type of background called patterns. This allows you to set a repetitive pattern as a background which then blends with the background color of your choice.
  • Header: You can now align the header text to the left, middle or right and change font and text color.
  • Shadows: We added new drop shadow options, both to the single slide template and to the header text.

Last but not least we extensively simplified and updated the look of the designer and merged several categories. Custom CSS and Visual Effects can be found under Settings, Template Settings and Transitions can be found under Templates and the preview post buttons can be found under Preview.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed working on it. We always welcome your feedback so let us know if you have any questions or comments.

You can choose from 12 themes in the designer! Get started today for free