Slidesome spring update

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April 08, 2019 • 2 min read

We are excited to share with you a few of the new features that we have recently added to Slidesome as well as several other tweaks and fixes.

Custom posts

We added a new toggle to custom posts called “Display over the entire slideshow”. When enabled, the custom post will be displayed over the entire slideshow, no matter what template you have. It’s great if you want to display ads or information that should take over the whole slideshow.


We have merged the Gallery, Moderation and Custom posts pages to a single page called Posts, since the gallery and moderation pages were pretty much identical. We’re working actively on simplifying the user interface and we want the Posts page to handle everything that relates to posts in your slideshow.

We also added a way to edit posts. You can change the username and caption of posts by clicking on the Edit button which is located next to the Download button. This is useful if someone wants their name to be changed or removed from a post, or if you want to add a caption to a post. Another great use case is if you add a Google Photos album to your slideshow and you want to add interesting text to the photos.


We added an option that allows you to ban certain words or phrases if “Accept all posts by default” is selected under Settings. Click on “Manage banned words” and add one banned word or phrase per line. If we find a post that contains one of those words or phrases, it will be blocked automatically.

Clone slideshows

We added an option to clone slideshows. On the slideshows page, select the slideshow that you want to clone. Click on “… More actions” and click on “Clone”. This action will clone the slideshow feeds, settings, etc. Please note that custom posts, moderation and custom CSS can not be cloned with the slideshow at this time.

More template settings

All of the templates have received new template settings to make it easier to customize the slideshow to fit your needs. For example, you can now change the aspect ratio of the single slide template to fill the screen, add curved borders, make the media fill the slide, etc.

We are continuously making updates and adding new features to Slidesome, and we welcome suggestions and feedback on how to make your Slidesome experience the best it can be. Feel free to reach out and let us know how Slidesome worked for you, what you enjoyed about using it and how we can continue to improve your experience!

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