New grid template and more

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February 21, 2019 • 1 min read

We have released a new grid template where you can display one large post in the center on top of grid in the background and more!

You can configure the size of the large center post and also how many rows and columns you want for the background grid. To try out the new template, click on Templates in the Designer, click on Grid templates and then select Grid with post in center. There are also various settings available for the template, click on the Settings tab under Templates to find them.

We also added many new template settings for all of our templates. For example, the single slide template can now fill the entire screen, you can set border radius (smooth corners) on posts, change the image size and more.

The moderation tool was upgraded, you can now manage banned words and phrases. If we find a post with one of the words or phrases, it will be blocked automatically. You can find the moderation settings on the moderation page for your slideshow.

There is also a new feed option for Instagram, you can now display feed from other Instagram Business and Creator accounts besides your own.

We have also fixed numerous bugs since the launch of our new and improved website. Slidesome has never been in a better shape!

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